LIVE REPORTING: WPT Australia High Roller Day 2

LIVE REPORTING: WPT Australia High Roller Day 2

Image courtesy of Enrique Malfavon/WPT Media

Congratulations Joe Sandaev ($296,589*), WPT Australia High Roller Champion!

Joe Sandaev has scored his second Tier One title in as many weeks, taking down the $10,000 buy-in High Roller and in doing so, has barnstormed his way to the top of the WPT Australia Player of the Festival leader board!

The Adelaide grinder told PokerMedia Australia during his post-match interview that it was surreal to have run so well throughout the course of the series.

Joe Sandaev

“To be honest, it’s pretty ridiculous really,” Sandaev said. “There were some key spots where I should have been out. I ran Ace-Queen into Ace-King on the this final table and rivered a chop, and also counterfeited the same guy’s two pair on the river … I just ran so good,this whole series has been unbelievable!”

Sandaev was also grateful for the support from his fellow South Australians, including WPT Prime Gold Coast $5K Challenge Champion Gavin Best and WPT Australia Main Event finalist, Emanuel ‘Curly’ Seal.

As to whether or not Sandaev will be heading over to the WPT World Championship in December, Sandaev kept his proverbial cards close to his chest, but with a USD $5,000 WPT Passport in the ol’ skyrocket, who knows!

WPT AUSTRALIA HIGH ROLLER ($10,000 buy-in, 147 entries, 19 players paid)

PlaceNameAmount1stJoe Sandaev$296,589*2ndVincent Huang$340,000*3rdAnthony Xu$145,3544thSean Ragozzini$88,2005thHarish Bhat$68,4336thSherif Derias$56,5897thZhifan Ye$49,3928thDaniel Hachem$44,1719thKen Demlakian$38,949*Denotes heads-up deal. Final table results shown; full results available at

And with that, our time here at the WPT Australia series has come to an end. On behalf of all of us at PMA, we’d like to thank you all for your support throughout the last two weeks, and congratulate both the World Poker Tour and The Star Gold Coast in hosting both a successful and memorable series.

Special thanks also to the Star Poker Gold Coast dealers and floor staff, who have put in the hard yards and pitched in at every opportunity, as well as our WPT media partners for their support – we very much look forward to working with you again in the not-too-distant future and hope to welcome you back to Australia soon.

Finally, to all the players and supporters here and watching from home, thank you for once again tuning in – we hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did bringing it to you.

Our next stop on the Aussie circuit is one very close to the heart of PMA, when we return to The Star Sydney to provide exclusive coverage of the 2022 Deaf Poker Australia (DPA) Championship series, including Live Reporting of the $200 buy-in DPA Championship Main Event: the richest and most prestigious tournament of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

And it doesn’t stop there, as we’ve got plenty more poker action coming your way from all across the country, so be sure to bookmark your browsers and save PMA on your home screens to keep up with everything that’s happening on and around the Aussie felt.

Until then, from all of us here at WPT Australia, it’s ‘bye for now!

Vincent Huang eliminated in 2nd place ($340,000*)

After coming back from a short comfort break, our players informed PokerMedia Australia that they had agreed to an ICM deal, with Vincent Huang taking $340,000 and Joe Sandaev $296,589, before returning to their heads-up battle to play out for the trophy.

The final hand of the tournament then played out at 12:15am local time; Huang limped in from the small blind before Sandaev raised to 2,000,000. In reply, Huang announced that he was all-in and Sandaev wasted no time in making the call.

Sandaev: A♠10♥
Huang: A♣6♥

Board: 2♣7♥3♠7♠K♣

Vincent Huang

And with that, the WPT Australia High Roller is officially over, and it’s Joe Sandaev who reigns supreme, taking home three titles from The Star Gold Coast, including the Player of the Festival!

PMA will return shortly to wrap things up. Stay with us!

Sandaev steadies the ship

Joe Sandaev has bounced back in this heads-up battle against Vincent Huang to bring the chip counts back to virtually even.

Sandaev open-shoved from the button with A♥K♦ and Huang called off from the big blind with 9♥6♥ before the board ran out 8♥10♣2♣10♠3♦.

Sandaev’s rail went ballistic as their man raked in his newly acquired chips, moving up to more than 15 million against Huang’s 14 million and change.

Joe Sandaev 15,300,000Vincent Huang14,200,000

Vincent grows the lead

Vincent Huang now holds more than a 2:1 chip lead over WPT Australia Player of the Festival Joe Sandaev as heads-up action continues here at The Star Gold Coast.

In some of the early action picked up in this level, Sandaev completed from the button and Huang checked his option in the early exchanges of level 25.

The flop of 9♥8♣A♣ was checked through by both players before Sandaev took a stab for 500,000 on the turn of the 5♠. Huang called, and then both players checked down the river of the 9♦ before Huang turned over his Q♣8♠, which was enough to take the pot.

Vincent Huang20,925,000Joe Sandaev 8,575,000Vincent Huang in action

Level 26: 250,000/500,000 (500,000)

Fiesta time!

Although we’re very much at the pointy end of the WPT Australia series, there’s still a sizeable rail that’s built around the feature table, primarily made up of some of South Australia’s finest, who are backing in Joe Sandaev for a potential second trophy for the series after he won the $2,500 8-Max last week.

Irrespective of Sandaev’s result in this tournament, however, there’s already plenty of reason to celebrate, as it was confirmed earlier by WPT Live Events Specialist Danny McDonagh that Sandaev has locked up the WPT Australia Player of the Festival points race, with one win and four final tables from nine events. 

For his efforts, Sandaev has earned himself a USD $5,000 WPT Passport as well as the Player of the Festival trophy, but there’s a chance that may be put to use for the upcoming WPT World Championship in Las Vegas, and in doing so joining WPT Australia Main Event Champion David Tang and the rest of the Aussie contingent for their shot at a share of USD $15,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

From all of us here at PokerMedia Australia – way to go, Joe!

Anthony Xu eliminated in 3rd place ($145,354)

We’re now heads-up for the WPT Australia High Roller title after Anthony Xu exited in third place.

Xu open-shoved from the button holding J♦9♥, and Joe Sandaev folded his small blind before Vincent Huang called out of the big blind with A♣J♣.

Huang then turned the nut flush on the board of 7♦K♣6♣4♣Q♦, and we’re now down to two in the penultimate tournament of the series!

Vincent Huang 17,300,000Joe Sandaev12,125,000Anthony XuBUSTED!Anthony Xu

Battle of the big stacks

Although action has slowed again in this three-handed battle, there’s still been a few decent clashes, particularly between the top two stacks in Joe Sandaev and Vincent Huang.

After Anthony Xu folded on the button, Huang raised to 800,000 from the small blind, and Sandaev called from the big blind before the dealer spread a flop of Q♣A♦K♠.

Sandaev check-called Huang’s c-bet of 500,000 and then the action repeated after Huang sized up to a bet worth 2 million on the turn of the 4♠.

Sandaev then led out for 400,000 with the river 8♦, but incredibly, Huang decided to lay it down, much to the joy of Sandaev’s rather boisterous rail.

Joe Sandaev 12,375,000Vincent Huang13,100,000

Level 25: 200,000/400,000 (400,000)

Sean Ragozzini eliminated in 4th place ($88,200)

The WPT Australia High Roller final table is now down to three after the elimination of Sean Ragozzini.

Action folded to Anthony Xu in the small blind, who turned to the dealer and stated, “Everything I have,” before he ripped it all in.

Ragozzini then called short out of the big blind, turned to his rail and asked: “Do you want to come and sweat it with me?”

The crowd rushed over to the rail and leaned in to see the showdown.

Ragozzini: A♣5♣
Xu: Q♦9♥

Not that much of a sweat though, as Ragozzini was savaged after the board was spread J♥5♠Q♠7♥2♦. Pew-pew!

Anthony Xu5,325,000Sean Ragozzini BUSTED!Sean Ragozzini 

Harish Bhat eliminated in 5th place ($68,433)

The rate of attrition has picked up quickly at this final table, with Harish Bhat the next to go after being felted by Vincent Huang.

Action folded to Bhat who pushed all in pre-flop from the button with 1,175,000 before Huang called from Baht’s direct left in the small blind. 

Huang: 5♣5♥
Bhat: A♠7♦

It’s hard to make a pair at the best of times, but Huang made two of them – fives and fives – on a board of 5♠4♠A♦9♦5♦.

Vincent Huang 13,800,000Harish Bhat BUSTED!Harish Bhat 

Sherif Derias eliminated in 6th place ($56,589)

Joe Sandaev has put another player to the sword, with Sherif Derias the latest player to bust.

Sandaev’s raise of 600,000 from the cut-off was met by a call from Derias in the big blind before the dealer put out a flop of 6♥Q♦3♦. 

Derias checked to Sandaev, whose 400,000-chip bet was enough to put Derias all-in.

Sandaev: A♥A♦
Derias: 6♣3♣

The turn and river 5♥, Q♥ completed the board, but Sandaev’s two pair was best and Derias was confirmed as our sixth-place finisher.

Joe Sandaev 8,800,000Sherif Derias BUSTED!Sherif Derias 

Level 24: 150,000/250,000 (250,000)

Zhifan Ye eliminated in 7th place ($49,392)

An open-rip from an under-the-gun Zhifan Ye for 2,000,000 was met with a re-jam from Joe Sandaev. All other players cleared the way for the two to reveal their cards.

Sandaev: A♦K♣
Ye: A♥4♦

Board: 2♥9♦Q♣9♣10♥

Ye was unable to recover from being dominated pre-flop, finding himself at the payout desk for a handsome five-figure payout.

Joe Sandaev6,000,000Zhifan YeBUSTED!Zhifan Ye

Daniel Hachem eliminated in 8th place ($44,171)

Daniel Hachem was the next to go, following shortly after the elimination of Ken Demlakian.

Vincent Huang opened to 400,000 from under-the-gun, action then folded around to Hachem who moved all-in from the small blind for a total of 1,300,000. Huang quickly called, as the table then saw both players turn over huge hands.

Huang: A♥A♦
Hachem: A♠K♦

Board: 9♣5♦J♦2♥10♥

Vincent Huang10,475,000Daniel Hachem BUSTED!Daniel Hachem 

Sandaev strikes Baht

An early-position open from Harish Baht was met with one caller, Joe Sandaev, who defended his big blind.

On 4♠7♦10♦, Sandaev fired a check-raise after Baht continued for 325,000.

Baht elected to fold when faced with the new price of 1,775,000, allowing Sandaev to close the chip margin between the two.

Joe Sandaev3,500,000Hariush Baht4,450,000

Level 23: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Huang up

Vincent Huang has scored another pot off Sean Ragozzini. Action opened with a pre-flop raise of 300,000 from Huang, to which Ragozzini called to take them heads-up to a flop.

On 10♥K♣7♣, both players checked through to the 5♣ turn where both players checked once again.

The 6♦ river induced a bet of 500,000 from Ragozzini. Huang made the call and was shown K♥J♠ as he turned over his 6♥5♥ as the winner.

Vincent Huang5,500,000Sean Ragozzini3,450,000

Ken Demlakian eliminated in 9th place ($38,949)

Daniel Hachem opened from the hijack with a bet of 300,000, action then folded to Ken Demlakian who piled the remainder of his chips into the middle from the small blind. Sherif Derias moved all-in over the top, forcing Hachem out of the way.

Derias: A♠K♥
Demlakian: A♦9♥

Board: 3♣7♥5♥2♠8♦

Kicker issues kicked Demlakian from the tournament as our first final table casualty.

Sherif Derias 6,650,000Ken Demlakian BUSTED!Ken Demlakian 

Vincent on Broadway

Vincent Huang defended his big blind after a Sean Ragozzini raise from the lojack to 300,000. A flop of 4♣10♠K♣ saw both players check. The turn, the A♥, saw action check through again.

The river card,Q♥, lead Huang to bet 200,000, to which Ragozzini snap-called.

Huang would turn over the K♥J♦ for the rivered straight, Ragozzini would return his cards to the dealer face down. 

Vincent Huang5,100,000Sean Ragozzini3,600,000

Updated chip counts

SeatNameChips1Sherif Derias4,150,0002Anthony Xu2,375,0003Sean Ragozzini4,425,0004Zhifan Ye2,500,0005Joe Sandaev2,600,0006Daniel Hachem3,150,0007Harish Bhat2,900,0008Vincent Huang4,600,0009Ken Demlakian2,350,000Sherif DeriasAnthony XuSean RagozziniZhifan YeJoe SandaevDaniel HachemHarish BhatVincent HuangKen Demlakian

Level 22: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Break time!

Our final nine players have now gone for another 10-minute break and will move over to the feature table to continue their quest for WPT Australia glory. Back soon with counts!

Anthony goes 3-ways

Action has been at a premium leading up to the break, but Anthony Xu has managed to pick up a sizeable pot to move up to 3.1 million in chips.

Xu raised to 250,000 from early position found two callers Daniel Hachem from the cut-off, and Ken Demlakian from the big blind to go three ways to a flop of 9♣A♦7♠.

As they went three ways to a flop of , Demlakian would check to Xu, who fired another 225,000. Again Hachem and Demlakian called, with a turn card that showed 6♣. Ken would once more check to Xu, proceeding to fire a sized up bet of 550,000. 

Hachem and Demlakian would both fold to the larger bet, with Xu raking in the spoils. 

Anthony Xu3,100,000Daniel Hachem2,300,000Ken Demlakian2,350,000

10 out of 10 for Derias 

As the railbirds flocked to the feature table to witness the closing stages of the Main Event (more on that later), over at the High Roller final table, Sherif Derias found a double-up through Ken Demlakian.

Derias raised from under the gun and action folded to Demlakian in the big blind, who shoved. Derias tanked for a good while before eventually making the call.

Derias: 10♠10♣
Demlakian: 9♣9♠

Board: 5♣6♦A♦3♦4♥

Sherif Derias4,100,000Ken Demlakian4,000,000

WPT Australia High Roller final table

The penultimate final table of the WPT Australia series has now been set! Ken Demlakian comes in with the chip lead, followed closely by Vincent Huang and Anthony Xu, while Harish Bhat comes in as the short stack.

Absent: Harish Bhat (image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast)SeatNameChips1Sherif Derias2,825,0002Anthony Xu4,700,0003Sean Ragozzini2,100,0004Zhifan Ye2,000,0005Joe Sandaev1,975,0006Daniel Hachem3,725,0007Harish Bhat1,650,0008Vincent Huang4,875,0009Ken Demlakian5,575,000

Gareth Pepper eliminated in 10th place ($33,869)

Gareth Pepper has hit the rail on the cusp of the WPT Australia High Roller final table, bowing out in 10th place after being felted by Zhifan Ye.

Just before the blinds ticked over into the 21st level, Pepper jammed pre-flop from under the gun for his last 465,000 and Ye was the only caller.

Pepper: K♣6♦
Ye: Q♥10♦

Ye spiked another Ten on the flop of 5♦8♥10♣ and left Pepper drawing thin after the turn of the J♣.

A repeat 5♣ on the river then gave Ye two pair, and thus our final nine was set!

Zhifan Ye2,000,000Gareth Pepper BUSTED!Gareth Pepper

Level 21: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Ragozzini’s show and tell

The action was picked up by our reporter from the turn with a board that showed 3♣4♠6♣A♦; Sean Ragozzini checked his option out of the big blind before Vincent Huang bet 325,000 from the button.

Ragozzini then check-raised it to 1,000,000 straight and forced the fold from Huang.

“I don’t usually show bluffs, but it’s Vincent!” Ragozzini said tounge-in-cheek as he flashed his 10♣9♣.

Sean Ragozzini 4,700,000Vincent Huang4,875,000

Kings for Sherif

Having doubled up through Ken Demlakian in a previous hand, Gareth Pepper’s stack was slashed by Sherif Derias.

Pepper moved all-in from the button pre-flop with his holding of K♠6♣, however Derias woke up with K♣K♦ in the big blind and held after the board ran clean Q♣10♦5♠4♦9♦.

Derias moved up to more than 2.8 millon after that hand.

Sherif Derias2,810,000Gareth Pepper 465,000

No sneezing for Pepper 

Gareth Pepper has taken a full double-up through Ken Demlakian, with Pepper having shoved his short stack with K♦2♠ before he was called by Demlakian’s A♠9♦.

Pepper was able to dodge all the outs and won the pot with bottom pair on the board of J♥6♠2♣10♣5♦, increasing his stack to 2.2 million in chips.

Gareth Pepper2,200,000Ken Demlakian6,075,000

Updated payouts (11th-19th place)

The next player eliminated will also receive $33,869.

PlaceNameAmount11thAlex Lynskey$33,86912thNick Wright$33,86913thBrad Owen$28,93014thJunfeng Wang$28,93015thJaxon Byrne$28,93016thMartin Finger$24,69617thAdam Cusenza$24,69618thLuke Edwards$24,69619thJosh McCully$21,168

Level 20: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

From Ragz to riches 

With the WPT Australia High Roller now on the final table bubble, Sean Ragozzini scored himself a double-up through Joe Sandaev.

Vincent Huang opened the betting to 160,000 from early position, which was called by Sandaev before action folded to Ragozzini, who moved all-in from the small blind. Huang folded and Sandaev, taking us to a heads-up showdown. 

Sandaev: A♠10♥
Ragozzini: J♦10♦

Ragozzini found favour on the board, flushing on the board of 5♠A♦9♥Q♦7♦ to double up.

Sean Ragozzini2,125,000Joe Sandaev 3,840,000

Lynskey in the bin-sky 

Alex Lynskey has busted out from the WPT Australia High Roller at the hands of Ken Demlakian, who is now back up to 5.7 million in chips as action continues.

Action folded to Demlakian who raised from the button before Lynskey three-bet-shoved out of the big blind. Demlakian called to put Lynskey at risk.

Demlakian: A♣Q♥
Lynskey: A♠5♦

Demlakian smashed two pair on the flop of Q♠10♠10♦ and then filled up as the board completed Q♣, J♥ to send Lynskey to the rail.

Ken Demlakian5,700,000Alex LynskeyBUSTED!Alex Lynskey

Ye’s a straight shooter

Ken Demlakian has slid over a pile of chips to Zhifan Ye as the WPT Australia High Roller enters into the 19th level.

After Demlakian raised to 175,000, Ye went all-in from the big blind before Demlakian quickly called.

Demlakian: 9♣9♥
Ye: A♣5♠

Ye then went on to river the wheel on the board of 5♣3♦K♣4♣2♠ to receive a full double.

Zhifan Ye2,240,000Ken Demlakian3,900,000

Updated chip counts

Vincent Huang5,305,000Ken Demlakian5,225,000Joseph Sandaev4,020,000Harish Bhat3,970,000Daniel Hachem2,565,000Gareth Pepper1,540,000Anthony Xu1,540,000Alex Lynskey1,515,000Sherif Derias1,415,000Zhifan Ye1,260,000Sean Ragozzini1,060,000

Level 19: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Dinner time!

Down to 11 players now as we head off on a 30-minute dinner break. Back soon with all the chippies!

Wright off

Nick Wright has been eliminated at the hands of Joe Sandaev, with action caught on the turn on a board of 7♥K♦7♠3♠.

Sandaev checked the option to Wright who announced that he was all-in. With no hesitation, Sandaev called and showed A♥K♣, with Wright turning over K♥Q♦.

In somewhat of a cooler, the river would come a brick in the shape of the 8♠, to send the WPTDeepStacks Sydney Main Event runner-up to the rail.

Joe Sadaev 4,125,000Nick Wright BUSTED!Nick Wright

Bhat collects the Bradley Dollars

After clashing with Joe Sandaev in a previous hand, WPT Ambassador Brad Owen has busted at the hands of Harish Bhat.

Owen jammed from the early position, with the table folding all the way to Bhat in the big blind who made the call.

Bhat: 10♦10♠
Owen: A♦Q♣

Board: 4♣6♣6♥J♣J♥

Harish Bhat 3,200,000Brad Owen BUSTED!Brad Owen 

Sandaev building

Joe Sandaev has taken some chips off Brad Owen to move up to more than 3 million chips as play continues in the WPT Australia High Roller.

Action folded to Owen who raised to 120,000; Sandaev called from the big blind, and then check-called Owen’s bet of 105,000 after the flop of A♦7♠6♠. 

The action repeated after Owen’s bet of 240,000 on the turn of Q♠ . Sandaev again check calling Owen’s bet of 240,000, and then both players checked the river 8♥. 

Sandaev showed down Owen his A♣8♠ for two pair, and Owen mucked his cards without showing.

Joe Sandaev 3,100,000Brad Owen565,000

Level 18: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Catch ya later, Cuz

Vincent Huang’s form during this stanza has been relentless, now up to more than 4.7 million in chips after eliminating Adam Cusenza.

A middle position jam from Cusenza was quickly followed by an iso-shove from Huang, which forced the rest of the table out of the way before their cards were turned up. 

Huang: A♦K♠
Cusenza: J♥J♦

The board of A♣10♣7♣A♥Q♠ gave Huang trip Aces and Cusenza his marching orders.

Vincent Huang4,750,000Adam Cusenza BUSTED!Adam Cusenza

Not a cool hand, Luke

Luke Edwards and Josh McCully were confirmed as two of our early ITM finishers as action continues here in the WPT Australia High Roller.

Just as McCully headed over to the payout desk, Edwards shoved from under the gun with J♥J♠ before action folded around to Huang who called with A♦K♥ out of the big blind.

Huang hit the board hard, turning two pair on the spread of 4♣Q♠K♣Q♦3♠ to send Edwards to the rail.

Vincent Huang4,280,000Luke EdwardsBUSTED!Josh McCully BUSTED!Luke Edwards

Runner, runner, pop!

The WPT Australia High Roller bubble has burst in heart-breaking fashion for Kiavash Arbabi, who was eliminated in 20th place by Vincent Huang.

Action folded around to Arbabi who raised all-in for 165,000 from the cut-off, before Huang made the call out the big blind. 

Arbabi: A♦A♣
Huang: 10♥7♥

A crowd gathered around the table as the dealer spread the flop of 10♥3♣A♠, with a big sweat coming with the turn of the Q♥.

The room then erupted in joyous celebration after the 6♥ fell on the river, with Huang hitting a runner-runner flush to crack Arbabi’s set of Aces.

Folks, it’s official – we are now in the money!

Vincent Huang3,600,000Kiavash ArbabiBUSTED!.Kiavash Arbabi

Level 17: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Finger outpoints Byrne 

Martin Finger found himself a double-up through Jaxon Byrne as we moved into Level 17.

Finger got his money in good pre-flop with A♦A♥ pre-flop against Byrne, who called down with A♠10♣, but Byrne found no help on the board of 7♣Q♠Q♦10♦2♣ to drop below the 2 million-chip mark.

Martin Finger 425,000Jaxon Byrne1,950,000

Bhat-er up!

Harish Bhat has smacked Ashton Campbell out of tournament after Campbell pushed all-in from the lojack before Bhat from the cut-off. 

Campbell showed down Q♦J♥, against Bhat’s suited holding of A♥4♥, however Bhat made his flush on the river on the board of 10♥3♣9♥4♠2♥ to eliminate Ashton.

Harish Bhat3,800,000Ashton Campbell BUSTED!Ashton Campbell 

Sayonara, Okamura-san

Motoyoshi Okamura was eliminated by Vincent Huang after he went all-in from middle position pre-flop for 350,000 holding A♦7♣, but found himself behind Huang who called him down with A♠Q♦.

Both players hit the board of Q♣J♥2♥4♣7♦, with Huang making the bigger pair of the two and thus sending Okamura to the rail.

Vincent Huang1,900,000Motoyoshi Okamura負ける!Motoyoshi Okamura

Chip counts at the break

Joseph Sandaev2,505,000Sherif Derias2,390,000Jaxon Byrne2,240,000Sean Ragozzini2,205,000Anthony Xu2,010,000Daniel Hachem1,895,000Zhifan Ye1,645,000Vincent Huang1,565,000Alex Lynskey1,400,000Brad Owen1,210,000Nick Wright1,200,000Luke Edwards990,000Junfeng Wang800,000Ken Demlakian780,000Gareth Pepper745,000Ashton Campbell735,000Josh McCully720,000Motoyoshi Okamura685,000Adam Cuzena675,000Harish Bhat670,000Matt Ginn670,000Kiavash Arbabi370,000Martin Finger315,000

Level 16: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Break time

Our 23 remaining players are now on their first break of the day. We’ll have a full round of counts for you shortly!

Chahine sent packing

Another elimination from the WPT Australia High Roller, with Simon Chahine felted by Alex Lynskey.

After an early position raise from Lynskey to 60,000, Chahine shoved from middle position, before the action folded back around to Lynskey who insta-called with A♦K♣ and found himself flipping against Chahine who was at-risk with 9♣9♠.

Needing to hit the board, Lynskey got his wish with the Ace on the flop, with the full board of 10♠A♥6♠8♥Q♠ ending Chahine’s tournament life.

Alex Lynskey 1,4000,000Simon ChahineBUSTED!Simon Chahine

Okada KO’ed

Ken Okada has met his match, eliminated at the hands of Ashton Campbell in the WPT Australia High Roller.

Action folded to Okada who moved all-in from the cut-off, before Campbell who re-jammed from the small blind to isolate the short stack. 

Campbell: 7♠7♥
Okada A♦6♥

Campbell’s pocket sevens were good enough to send Okada off to the rail after the board was spread Q♦9♣5♥9♦3♦.

Ashton Campbell900,000Ken OkadaBUSTED!Ken Okada

Sandaev on the clock 

Our reporter picked up action between Joe Sandaev and Sean Ragozzini on the river, with 350,000 already in the pot on a board of K♦J♣10♦10♠3♦; Ragozzini checked to Sandaev, who opened for a bet of 160,000.

Ragozzini raised to 569,000, putting Sandaev into the tank for a long time before another player called for the clock. Sandaev took up the full 30 seconds before he sent his hand into the muck.

Sean Ragozzini 2,470,000Joe Sandaev 2,260,000

Level 15: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

The Sosia set saga

Sosia Jiang has busted at the hands of Luke Edwards as action continues in Day 2 of the WPT Australia High Roller.

Jiang ripped in her remaining chips pre-flop with 7♥7♦ pre flop, but was snapped off by Edwards who rolled up K♠K♥. 

The flop of 3♦7♠8♥, set Jiang up with the lead, which she kept on the turn of the 4♣, only to lose out big time as the river K♦ completed the board and gave Edwards the bigger set.

Luke Edwards1,750,000Sosia JiangBUSTED!Sosia Jiang

Auvale Owen’d

Brad Owen has claimed his second scalp for the day in Anthony Auvale, after Auvale moved the last of his stack in Q♣J♣ pre-flop from early position before Owen called him off with A♦Q♦.

The board smashed Auvale’s dreams as it came down A♥J♦A♣4♦6♠ to send him to the rail, moving Owen’s stack up to more than 1.5 million.

Brad Owen1,515,000Anthony Auvale BUSTED!

Hachem milks ‘Yoshi

Daniel Hachem is now close to the two million chip mark after a massive hand against Motoyoshi Okamura.

Action folded to Hachem who raised from the button pre-flop to 50,000 before Okamura re-raised to 190,000; Hachem made the call to go heads-up to a flop of 6♠A♠6♣, and then called Okamura’s open of 100,000, before shoving over Okamura’s second shell of 250,000 on the turn of the 3♠, which forced a fold from Okamura.

Daniel Hachem1,790,000Motoyoshi Okamura 575,000

High five for Derias

Sherif Derias has taken a big hand early off Ken Demlakian; action folded to Derias who opened from the button to 55,000, before Demlakian called to see a flop of 6♥10♣5♥. 

Demlakian led for 80,000 and Derias called before the turn came the of J♣. Demlakian again led out for 260,000 and Derias took a beat before calling to see the river 6♣.

This time, Demlakian bet 440,00 and Derias went into into the tank, and after several minutes made the call and showed down A♣5♣, his two pair good against Demlakian’s K♦Q♣ for a busted straight draw.

Sherif Derias2,600,000Ken Demlakian920,000

Level 14: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Brad M-Owen the ‘Grass

After UTG+1 pre-flop jam from Matt Pongrass for 215,000, Brad Owen called from the button as the others got out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Owen: K♦9♦
Pongrass: J♦7♦

The board fell in favour of the WPT Ambassador as it was spread 5♦K♥A♦4♠4♦ to give Owen the bigger flush and send Pongrass to the rail.

Brad Owen1,080,000Matt PongrassBUSTED!

Bognar Byrned

Our reporter picked up the action from the river on a board of 7♣10♣7♦9♠Q♠; Jaxon Byrne was all-in with Mitch Bognar in the tank.

After Bognar made a crying call, he was shown the bad news as Byrne turned over Q♦Q♥ for a full house. Bognar’s head dropped and tossed his cards back to the dealer face down, with Bryne scooping the pot as Bognar took his leave.

Jaxon Byrne1,700,000Mitch BognarBUSTED!


No sooner after taking a critical hit against Michael Rattigan, Hamish Crawshaw ripped in his remaining 205,000 from the cut-off. Zhifan Ye, in the small blind was the only caller.

Crawshaw turned over A♦4♣, but trailed all the way behind Ye’s A♣Q♣ after the board ran out 5♠9♦J♥8♥Q♠, bringing Rattigan’s run to an end.

Zhifan Ye1,400,000Hamish CrawshawBUSTED!

Rattigan claws at Crawshaw

In early action of Day 2 of the WPT Australia High Roller, Hamish Crawshaw raised from the button to 40,000 before Micheal Rattigan jammed from the small blind for his remaining 360,000. Crawshaw took some time to think about it before making the call. 

Rattigan: A♠J♦
Crawshaw: Q♥J♥

The board of 7♣3♥J♠A♦5♦ was dealt out, with Rattigan getting the best of it to double through and cripple Crawshaw’s stack. 

Michael Rattigan760,000Hamish Crawshaw205,000

Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are now in the air for Day 2 of the WPT Australia High Roller!

Our 36 remaining players will be playing through 40-minute levels and down to a winner tonight. The top 19 players will be paid out a minimum of $21,168, while our champion will take home one of the last crystal boomerang trophies on offer and whopping $389,630 in cash!


LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante1310,00020,00020,0001415,00025,00025,0001515,00030,00030,0001620,00040,00040,0001725,00050,00050,0001830,00060,00060,0001940,00080,00080,00020500,000100,000100,0002175,000125,000125,0002275,000150,000150,00023100,000200,000200,00024150,000300,000300,00025200,000400,000400,00026250,000500,000500,00027300,000600,000600,00028400,000800,000800,00029500,0001,000,0001,000,000

PAYOUTS ($10,000 buy-in, 147 entries, 19 players paid)


Level 13: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Ending on a high

Hello everyone and welcome to the final day of the WPT Australia series at The Star Gold Coast!

Today, PokerMedia Australia will be bringing you Live Reporting coverage from Day 2 of the $10,000 buy High Roller event. From the 147 entries taken in yesterday, 36 runners have come back to duke it out for a share of the $1,411,200 prize pool, with WPTDeepStacks Sydney Main Event runner-up Nick Wright leading the way with a stack worth 2,225,000.

WPT Ambassador and global award-winning poker vlogger Brad Owen (500,000) is still in the field and will be a drawcard for spectators, as well as Joe Sandaev (900,000), who will no doubt be looking for a deep run to secure his lead in the WPT Australia Player of the Festival race.

Image credit: Chris Wadih/WPT Media

Nearby, the final table of the WPT Main Event has kicked off, with the $647,470 up top for our champion. Along with China’s Po Ho (3,475,000), all eyes will be on Najeem Ajez (5,900,000) as well as Josh Hutchins (1,425,000), Darren (De Kun) Li (3,675,000) and David Tang (3,350,000) to carry the Aussie flag to victory, but they’ll be needing some help against the chip leader Daisuke Ogita, with the Japanese grinder returning with more than half the chips in play.

Live streaming (cards-up, 30-minute delay) and tournament updates for the WPT Australia Main Event final table are available at

Our last tournament of the series – the $550 Finale – will kick off at 1:30pm AEST before our two remaining combatants in the Mini-Main Event will return this afternoon at 2pm AEST, with play stopped at 2am this morning due to venue time constraints. Yan Shurunov returns as the chip leader in that tournament with 9.5 million, up against Craig Trevenna, who will unbag 6.775 million.

Action in Day 2 of the High Roller will be underway shortly, so keep your eyes on PMA for all the action until the final river falls!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 12:30pm AEST, with recommencing blinds at 10,000/20,000 (20,000).

Please ensure you have your Star Club Card and photo identification to verify your bag, and should you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please approach the staff at Star Poker Gold Coast.

To assist our Live Reporting Team, please ensure that your PMA ID cards are kept close to your stack, face-up and visible at all times.

Players are also asked to move their PMA ID cards with them when they are broken or balanced to another table, and they must be left on the table to be collected after an elimination.

Table 5

PMA IDSeatNameChips05011Tu Le580,00005022Matt Pongrass215,00005033Ashton Campbell995,00005044Martin Finger790,00005055Ken Okada750,00005066Ken Demlakian455,00005077Bradley Owen500,00005088Gareth Pepper485,000

Table 6

PMA IDSeatNameChips06011Jiang Zhou645,00006022Sosia Jiang560,00006033Vincent Huang775,00006044Nick Wright2,225,00006055Sherif Derias1,485,0000606606077Luke Edwards355,00006088Junfeng Wang715,000

Table 7

PMA IDSeatNameChips07011Michael Rattigan360,00007022Zhifan Ye1,295,0000703307044Harish Bhat1,375,00007055Josh McCully335,00007066Anthony Xu715,00007077Simon Chahine665,00007088Hamish Crawshaw565,000

Table 8

PMA IDSeatNameChips08011Daniel Hachem480,00008022Motoyoshi Okamura1,875,00008033Mitchell Bognar915,00008044Robert Spano400,00008055Matt Ginn370,00008066Alex Lynskey480,00008077Jaxon Byrne1,600,0008

Table 9

PMA IDSeatNameChips09011Hyung Kim1,150,00009022Angel Guillen800,000309044Kiavash Arbabi640,00009055Sean Ragozzini1,460,00009066Adam Cuzena425,00009077Anthony Auvale720,00009088Joseph Sandaev940,000

Author: Timothy Harris